Lipoedema is a condition in which the legs (and sometimes the arms) are out of

    proportion to the rest of the body, due to an abnormal accumulation of fat cells

    in the tissues under the skin.

    It is not the same as being overweight.

    The thighs, hips and buttocks appear to be large compared to the rest of

    the body, while the feet are rarely affected.

    The tissues can be somewhat loose and “floppy” and are often tender

    or painful to touch, with a tendency to bruise easily.

    Another common feature is painful knees. There is often a distinctive pad of

    fat below the knees and many patients have a similar area on the outer thighs and hips.

    Due to the abnormal amount of fat under the skin, there can be

    an “orange-peel” effect, often described as cellulite.

    Treatment guidelines advise a combination of conservative and operative measures.

    Conservative treatment includes MLD, exercise

    (especially exercising in water) and healthy plant-based eating.


    MLD can reduce some of the symptoms (pain, some swelling)

    but the shape of the leg will remain the same.

    MLD Treatment = €70.00 per hour.


    For more information about lipoedema, visit:


    European Consensus Document (2020) on Lipoedema