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    The body we live in is the most important object in the world

    Paul Valery (philosopher)


    It pays to look after your body – you can’t move out and you won’t get another one!


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    I love my body!

    How often do we hear that?

    We all know that we should get regular exercise and keep fit but

    many of us find ourselves struggling with bodies that won’t co-operate.

    We encounter pain and stiffness, we become out of breath, we are

    defeated by our poor posture and sore joints. After years (or decades)

    of neglect, muscles can become tight, shortened or full of painful knots.

    With a body like that, getting exercise is not as easy as it sounds...

    and it's certainly not fun!

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    Physical therapy can help


    The right physical therapy can help to restore pliability and

    suppleness to your muscles, leading to improvements in your

    posture and ease of movement, as well as increasing your

    awareness of the daily habits that put unnecessary strain on

    your muscles.


    Move better, look better, feel better.







    I have been going to Samantha for years for help with muscle pains and joint issues arising from my hemiplegic condition and she is brilliant at taking away the severe back and hip pain, as well as the neck tightness that gives me awful headaches.

    I have two wonderful children and Samantha really helped to keep me on my feet throughout the pregnancies, because I was dealing with balance problems as my weight increased.

    She's an excellent therapist and a really lovely person as well.

    Bridie F.


    Samantha is an amazing physical therapist. She is a true professional. At a time when my health issues were a real source of pain and stress she was the person who helped me overcome them.

    After each treatment with Samantha I feel like a different person on so many levels. Her ability to correct muscle-related problems is outstanding. She leaves you feeling like you have a new body.

    She exudes positivity and you always feel invigorated and re-energised in her company. Samantha has a genuine interest in the well-being of her clients. She is a fascinating person who has a sincere passion and interest in the human body and how best we can nurture and repair it.

    Olivia G.


    Having experienced various health issues for quite some time, I realised that part of my healing process was to pay more attention to my overall well-being. I attend Samantha on a regular basis and there has been a marked improvement in my overall well-being.

    She is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Her approach and guidance is first class.

    Samantha is frankly fantastic at what she does. I always come away feeling a lot better and reassured by how much she enjoys her job and truly cares about her clients.


    Shauna S. 

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